NOTE: We are sorry, but the pets are not allowed in this rezidential complex.


  1. PARKING SPACES: Parking spaces are offered for free as follows: one single parking space for studios and apartments with 2 or 3 rooms; one double parking space for apartments with 4 rooms. Any additional parking space can be provided optionally and with an additional cost, subject to availability, as follows:

v 1 Individual Parking space at the Surface: 30 EUR/Month;

v Basement Individual Parking space: 50 EUR/Month;

v Basement Parking spaces, not separated : 80 EUR/Month;

    2. BOXES: Boxes are provided optionally and with an additional cost as follows:

v Box on the floor: 50 EUR/Month;

    3. CONFORT FACILITIES: Confort Facilities are offered optionaly at an aditional cost as follows:


v CONFORT FACILITIES: 150 EUR/Month for the first year, FREE OF CHARGE starting with the second year;


   4. COST OF UTILITIES: All monthly expenses incurred by the tenant regarding: Electric power, Gas, Water, Phone, Internet, TV Cable, Garbage disposal, Cleaning of common spaces, Elevator service, Heating system service, Salary of building administrator, and the share of any other expenses specific to apartment buildings will be added to the rent.

 We estimate:

COMMON EXPENCES (CC) (electricity for common spaces, heating for common spaces, garbage, security, service for lift, service for heating systems, cleaning and administration):

~ 50 EUR/month for studios; ~ 70 EUR/month for 2 rooms apartment; ~ 90 EUR/month for 3 rooms apartment; ~ 140 EUR/month for 4 rooms apartment;  ~ 300 EUR/month for penthouse.

ALL INCLUSIVE (AI) (COMMON EXPENCES+APPARTMENT EXPENCES) (Common Expences, Internet, Thelefone, Gas, Water, Heating, etc):

~ 150 EUR/luna pt garsoniere; ~ 200 EUR/luna pt apartamente 2 camere; ~ 250 EUR/luna pt apartamente 3 camere; ~ 350 EUR/luna pt apartamente 4 camere;  ~ 700 EUR/luna pt penthouse.

For those interested, we can agree a fix fee to cover all utilities cost which will be included in the montly rent.

5. GUARANTY DEPOSIT: The Guaranty Deposit is the equivalent of two montly rents. In case of departure before one year of contract, the equivalent of one montly rent will be withheld from Guaranty Deposit as a penalty.